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Song for Denise

I wanna gain another time for me
Your loving eyes will not stay with me
but Other sounds, in my head
keep me to understand that I need you
and you need someone else

I almost die to see you
I almost die to feel you
died almost when I was loving you

die to kiss you, to kiss you on your face
I don't wanna miss you,
I made many mistakes.
I wanna fly on your wings
I wanna feel your tender lips
fortune painting our lives
shining moon in your eyes

You don’t know what I’m going through
every day watching you
Give me a chance of loving you
I give you all, its true

You know, in this place I want to read form pretty face
your heart just waits, but I can never understand.

give me order I'm your servant for this day.
Hold me tight and I will never be afraid