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- Little bird in the golden cage -

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1. Try to fly... my... little bird in the golden cage
If your wings are dark of the shame
If you lost your freedom and faith
Tell me if it all make ??sense
when you´re lured by golden grains
wasn't your home in wooden branches
more homely shelter

2. Try to sing my little bird in the golden cage
I would like to hear your voice,
I would like to understand
Tell me why your song is so sad
when you´ve got what you yearned
Do you miss the wind, true love
and fiery sunset at your back

3. Try to fly away, my bird, from the golden cage
before its icy glow will blind your eyes full of pain,
from your wings, shake golden dust
find the courage in your heart
before you lose all your power to love,
before your gentle soul dies