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- Let Me Disappear -

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Disappear me, I will wait for thousand years
Can you hear me baby, try to read it in my tears
When I first said I love you, full of flames, were your eyes
Did I have to love you, seak the answer in my heart.

which belived it, and longed to fly so high
Please forgive me, but I had to try

Maybe it was when the wind, something changed in us and killed
maybe it was at the night when you left me and tried to hide
Tell me if it was all just a dream, where I lost my mind and screamed
maybe it were just lies, which made me blind and paralyzed

That I need you like a breath of life
when I kiss you, I m drowning in your eyes


why I m still afraid to believe that they can fulfill my dreams
why blind envy of the world, try to steal my Love and hurts
why I m afraid to know the truth, and your love cannot be prooved
why I can't open my eyes to see and recognize


I will never talk to you
I will never love you
I will never touch you

I will never lie for you
I will never die for you
I will never cry for you

let me fly into your dreams for a while
let me show you how it feels when I cry
let me hear the voice of love in your heart
try to see the ways of truth in your mind